I highly recommend the shop - work is always done right the first time, and estimates always spot on (and yes, they do inform you of needed versus recommended service so you can have items worked on as your budget allows).

5 Lee Myles Bohemia 9/17/2017

Excellent customer service! My car broke down with my 4 year old on a hot day and I called Lee Myles. They took care of the situation so fast and effortlessly. I cant tell you how appreciative I am of the way they handled an emergency response.

5 Lee Myles Bohemia 9/15/2017

I used to have anxiety over my vehicles you never know what can happen and being left without transportation creates stress and hassle. But since going to Lee Myles I have never felt safer in my vehicle and knowing that no matter what the issue, I am always fully taken care of fast! Lee Myles always makes sure to explain everything to me from mechanics to pricing and even helpful suggestions. They are smart, efficient, and do everything with a smile! I have become a loyal and confident customer for life! Thanks for everything to all the staff at Lee Myles Bohemia!

5 Lee Myles Bohemia 9/14/2017

Very helpful people

5 Lee Myles Bohemia 9/14/2017

Professional, fair, and friendly, I am a customer for life!

5 Lee Myles Bohemia 9/14/2017

Thanks for a job well done

5 Lee Myles Bohemia 9/11/2017

Brian & his team are the best, they know how to take care of their customers.

5 Lee Myles Bohemia 9/10/2017

Brian and Mary and the guys are very nice and very good. The cleanliness of the the office, bathroom and what I could see of the work area was very impressive. My hubby and I will be using them in the future.

5 Lee Myles Bohemia 9/8/2017

I have been using this Lee Myles for more than 15 years and have found them to ALWAYS be honest and knowledgeable, and always willing to do anything within their ability to service their customers in the best possible way. I called them because I had trouble starting my car in the morning. I think I did not turn the ignition switch all the way, but got nervous and wanted it checked out. They took me in the same day, did diagnostics while I waited, checked the battery, etc. Found no nothing that could have been causing the issue. They also believed it was something I may have done when turning the ignition. They could have told my anything and charged me for unnecessary repairs, but did not. Brian and Mary are great and I continue to be a loyal customer.

5 Lee Myles Bohemia 9/5/2017

You guys are the best! Thank you for reminding me that servicing is due, without you I'd be up the creek without a paddle! Love you guys!

The feeling is mutual, thank you so much! Lee Myles Bohemia
5 Lee Myles Bohemia 9/4/2017