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Brake System Maintenance and Repair | Lee Myles Bohemia
Next time you need a look at your brakes in Bohemia, give yourself and your car a "brake" at Lee Myles Bohemia Service Center. Conveniently located at 3020 Veterans Hwy in Bohemia, we will be happy to take a look at your brakes and give your our V.I.P. treatment.

Aside from taking care of your brake pads, brake rotors, and all the working components of your car's brakes, we will also determine if your brake fluid needs to be flushed. Your brake fluid requires regular service because it becomes contaminated by moisture. Moisture contamination lowers the boiling point of your brake fluid, so, even under ordinary driving conditions, it could cause the fluid to boil and release vapor into your brake system. When this vapor compresses inside the system, you may find yourself facing one of the most dreaded driving problems possible; a dangerously low brake pedal or even no brake pedal!

Avoid a braking emergency and come see Lee Myles Bohemia for brake service or brake repair. We make an appointment by phone or you can schedule online. Don't forget to print out our online auto repair coupons for additional savings!

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