Chevy Service and Repair

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Chevy trucks and vans are becoming an increasingly popular choice of vehicle for families. Designed to work hard, they have been remade in the past decade to include all the luxury and accessories you have come to expect in the Impala and Corvette performance cars. This makes the Avalanche, Silverado and City express a new kind of hybrid. One that isn’t always using cross over fuel technology, but is crossing over the needs of our family lives. Keeping your Chevy in good repair is our passion at Lee Myles Bohemia. We excel at providing quality service from expert technicians who know Chevy repair. In Bohemia, you won’t find a more convenient and affordable source for quality Chevy repair than Lee Myles Bohemia.

What makes us so good is understanding why you choose the vehicle for your family. It is never for just one reason, it is for many. When you come in for a Chevy repair, we remember this. This is why part of our regular Chevy repair routine is to also provide a visual check of the major support systems in your vehicle to make sure it is in good running order. Sometimes, when something needs repair it can distract you from noticing a small leak that can develop into a major problem. Lee Myles Bohemia technicians know what to look for so there are fewer surprises in your life.

We are conveniently located in Bohemia and offer appointment times that can work with any schedule. Our organized and efficient service bays will have your Chevy service or repair done quickly and done right.