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Richie Sleezer

Richie Sleezer | Meet The TeamRichie Sleezer has been in the automotive repair business for over 40 years.  He began as a technician in 1973 and after two years Richie learned the art of how to rebuild transmissions. Rebuilding transmissions until 1993 he decided it was time to open up his own automotive repair facility, and continued rebuilding transmissions for another 5 years.  From being a Technician and Transmission Re-builder Richie decided it was time once again to make a move and moved to the front office where he interacted with the customers, scheduled repair work, and took care of the everyday office duties.  Now the President of the family run business known as Lee Myles Bohemia, some of his time is spent preparing his son Brian to eventually take over the business.  Through diligent training of his personnel he has now been able to step away from working in the shop day-to-day and change his focus now to the shop’s finances, marketing, and policy & procedure creations.

Richie’s main objective and drive in the training of his employees has always been to “do the job right the first time” and make the customer a “Customer For Life”.  In his spare time he furthers his education by attending automotive / transmission repair seminars and training classes.  By working “ON instead of IN the Business” Richie also has been able to make time to enjoy his favorite pastimes, scuba diving, football, NASCAR and life with his wife Eileen of 35 years.

Brian Sleezer

Brian Sleezer | Meet The TeamBrian Sleezer was born & raised in an automotive shop & in the automotive repair industry.  From the early days in elementary school where on Saturdays he started by pushing the broom and dumping garbage pails, Brian has had the will to work hard & the passion to learn the business.  From there, pretty much any time Brian was not in school he was at the shop, right up through high school, as a technician.

After high school Brian went to the State University of New York in Farmingdale.  In Farmingdale he had a double major of automotive engineering & business ownership.  At college he delved deep into both sides of the business, technical & financial, learning automotive theories & modern business practices at the same time.  During those four years any time that Brian was not in class, he was at the shop, gaining real world experience on both the business & technical ends of  Lee Myles Bohemia Transmissions & AutoCare.

Since graduating college Brian has also graduated from a technician working on vehicles in the shop to a shop manager & foreman, working in the front office interacting with customers on a daily basis & controlling the flow of work through the shop.  For over five years now Brian has been exclusively working at the front counter in the Lee Myles Bohemia Transmissions & AutoCare Center.  He continues to enjoy his job, is always growing & learning thanks to many trips to industry trade shows and educational seminars.  Brian also still attends several technical training seminars annually to stay ahead of the curve on new vehicle progresses & technology.

Dave Schwarz

Dave Schwarz | Meet The TeamDave’s interest with all things mechanical started at a very young age. By 13 years old he was already building mini bikes and go-carts with the older kids in the neighborhood. In 1976 at the age of 16 he took a job at a local transmission shop/ gas station pumping gas after school and on weekends. In between cars he started helping the technicians in the shop and whenever possible Dave would watch the shop foreman rebuild the various automatic and standard transmissions popular during that era. Dave found this fascinating and claims that is what sparked his 38 year career in the automotive industry.     

Dave has held the position of transmission installer, rebuilder, transmission kit salesperson, transmission test equipment sales representative, outside sale person, center manager, and shop owner. He has worked in various independent transmission shops along with the two major franchises in the New York and Long Island areas. He currently holds the position of general manager at Lee Myles Transmission and Auto Care of Bohemia. He works closely with Brian and Richie in all aspects of the Bohemia facility; including sales: both inside and outside, along with implementation of all shop policies and procedures. Dave enjoys contributing creatively to the shops marketing efforts as well. Once or twice a year he even gets back on the bench to help out when the center’s rebuilder is vacationing.  Dave’s interests outside of the shop include boating, fishing, and riding his Harley Davidson Motorcycle.