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Radiator Repair | Lee Myles BohemiaUh-oh...did your radiator overheat while driving through Bohemia, NY? Don't worry, Lee Myles Bohemia New York Transmissions Service Center is here to help with radiator repair and radiator maintenance and service. Periodically, radiator fluids need to be flushed and replaced in order to get rid of the "gunk", and that's a key step to keeping your vehicle from overheating.

Most of us are aware that radiator coolant keeps your engine from overheating and corroding, but did you know that the same radiator fluid can corrode your engine if you leave it in too long? Over a significant period of time, the static charge of the engine makes the fluid acidic and it eats up the aluminum pipes, making your engine vulnerable to major dysfunction... and that's not good!

Whether you have a radiator repair emergency or need to put additional fluid into your radiator, stop by Lee Myles Bohemia New York. We can be reached at our phone or you can schedule online. Don't forget to print out our online auto repair coupons for additional savings!

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